Protection & Control Solutions (PCS)

The Protection & Control Solutions business unit (PCS) is responsible for the design and development of new protection and control solutions to satisfy market requirements, primarily in the UK and Europe. PCS also engages in R&D work with Customers and academic institutions and has several years of experience in delivering site installation and commissioning services for these solutions.

Services offered include substation electrical design, product development, manufacture, type registration, provision of protection and control settings, factory acceptance testing, training and post-delivery support.

PCS offers a number of established protection and control solutions including transmission level Substation Control Systems, two and three ended feeder protection solutions including unit and non-unit protections, transformer protections, shunt reactor protections and series reactor protections. All the solutions are IEC61850 ready and make use of IEEE C37.94 compliant products. PCS specialises in developing new solutions to meet the specific requirements of the Customer.

PCS has a laboratory facility at its office premises in East Croydon and this is augmented by a test facility in Milton Keynes. The test facility is suitably located for holding equipment spares which enables a rapid support response countrywide. An on-site Mitsubishi Electric logistics arm enables efficient delivery to site as required.

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