Kii Channel HVDC Link

The Kii Channel HVDC Link is a joint venture of the Kansai Electric Power Company, Shikoku Electric Power Company and Electric Power Development Company. This bulk power transmission system was commissioned in 2000 and is used to connect two electric power systems in the western part of Japan. It is used primarily to deliver large amounts of electric power from a coal-fired thermal power plant owned by EPDC and Shikoku to a plant owned by Kansai.
The Kii Channel HVDC Link was Japan’s first 500kV HVDC project. Its first stage was designed for a transmission capacity of 1400MW and operating at 250kV, with a second stage upgrade extending transmission capacity to 2800MW with a DC voltage of 500kV. The DC switchgear (GIS), DC reactor and cable are all rated for 500kV, though the upgrade has not been implemented yet.

Kii Channel   Kii Channel HVDC

PURPOSE: To connect two electric power systems in the western part of Japan, stabilizing and reinforcing power systems in that part of the country.

Commissioned: 2000
Rating: 1400MW, 250kV-DC Bipole Configuration 2800A-DC
(3500A-DC, 30 Minutes Overload per Pole)
Designed for:
2800MW, 500kV-DC Bipole Configuration (2800A-DC, 2nd Stage)
AC System Voltage: 500kV
Converter Configuration: 480 Thyristors (40 In-Series/Arm, 6 Modules/Arm, 12 Arms)
Device Rating: 8kV/3.5kA, 150mm (6 in.) Light-Triggered Thyristor (LTT)