The World’s Largest Installation: Toshin STATCOM

Mitsubishi Electric developed the first GCT (Gate-Commutated Turnoff thyristor)-based STATCOM in the early 2000’s.
Mitsubishi Electric commissioned the largest STATCOM in the world; the +/- 450 MVA unit at Toshin. The project was completed ahead of programme in 2012.

Toshin Substation     Toshin STATCOM

Toshin Substation

PURPOSE: To achieve improvements of small-signal stability and over-voltage suppression, Chubu Electric Co. commissioned
Mitsubishi Electric to design, manufacture and install the world’s largest STATCOM.

chubu area

Commissioned: 2012
Dynamic Rating: -450 to +450 Mvar
System Voltage: 275kV
Converter Type: 3-Level, 7-Stage Multi-Transformer
GTO Ratings: 6kV/6kA
Harmonic Filters: None