For more than eighty-five years Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing and delivering distribution and transmission level transformers and has one of the most advanced transformer manufacturing facilities in the world at Ako in Japan and a new state of the art facility at Memphis, USA. The Ako-Works facility produces transformers with ratings up to 3000 MVA bank-capacity and 1050 kV voltage class, and is a world leader in research and development of tomorrow’s transformer technology. The company has earned a reputation for providing highly reliable, durable and safe transformers around the world.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ako works facility specializes in producing large MVA rating, high voltage shell-form transformers and has vast experience in producing many of the world’s largest power transformers, including more that 170 GSU transformers with a rating of 500 MVA or higher. Our largest GSU transformer manufactured to date is a 1510 MVA, 500/21.5kV three-phase GSU transformer, manufactured in 2003. This is one of the world’s largest GSU transformers.

We offer ratings of 115-765kV.

M7039 OPPD NCPS 345 kV

Above: 760 MVA-345 kV GSU Transformer

Gas Insulated Transformers

In addition to oil-filled shell-form transformers, we can also supply SF6 gas insulated transformers, and shunt reactors. 

Mitsubishi Electric can supply SF6 Gas Insulated Transformers (GIT) for applications where a non-flammable, non-polluting transformer is desired, such as in densely populated areas and inside buildings. Such buildings can become dual use creating substantial cost savings for building developers. A further unique feature of these transformers is the flexibility of the cooling system design. As SF6 is non flammable the coolers can be mounted remote from the transformer itself potentially providing more options for building design.

These SF6 transformers can also be located in areas near lakes and rivers where potential oil leakage from a conventional transformer would be harmful to the environment.

We offer distribution class to 275kV

GIT arrangement

Sf6 Gas Transformer

Above: Distribution Class Gas Insulated Transformer