Gas Insulated Switchgear

Mitsubishi Electric’s Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas Circuit Breakers (GCB) are manufactured utilising the best of modern technologies. Since commissioning Japan’s first GIS nearly 50 years ago we have continually expanded and developed our line-up of durable high voltage circuit breakers and GIS to include voltage ratings up to 1100kV.

The basic technology of the Mitsubishi Electric GIS comes from our vast experience in supplying deadtank type SF6 gas circuit breakers. The design of our gas circuit breakers has been consistently refined since the initial Mitsubishi Electric gas circuit breakers were developed. We have supplied more than 30,000 sets of gas circuit breakers since 1965. This experience has allowed us to develop and supply the highest quality, most reliable gas circuit breakers for applications all over the world.

Product range:

Rating Model Type / Mechanism  
145kV, 3150A, 40kA GMKD – 1Mechanism type BM-1 (spring-spring) Three phase enclosed  145kV GIS GMKD-1 photo
245kV, 4000A, 63kA 245MITS Mechanism type BM-1 (spring-spring) Single phase enclosed 245kV GIS - 245 MITS
420kV, 4000A, 63kA 420MITS Mechanism type BM-2 (torsion spring) Single phase enclosed  420kV GIS
550kV, 6300A, 63kA 500MITSMechanism type BM-2 (torsion spring)Single phase enclosed  550kV GIS
 1000kV 1000SFMT Mechanism type: hydraulic Single phase enclosed  1000kV GIS