Swansea North 400kV Substation

As part of a coordinated response to increasing demand from Swansea North 132kV, National Grid installed and commissioned a new 400kV GIS substation, named Swansea North 400kV to transfer demand from Swansea North 275kV to the new substation.

The project required the design, procurement, construction, commissioning and putting into commercial operation of a 400kV GIS substation located in Swansea area including 132kV deadtank circuit breaker replacement. The project was designed, integrated with other design disciplines and site installation teams including all related site activities from ground improvement, civil construction, provision of building services, installation of all equipment, testing and commissioning and training.

The Swansea North substation is an excellent example of the high quality EHV substation provided by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO). In particular the highly reliable GIS switchgear was supplied, installed and tested to schedule and is fully expected to provide National Grid with a lifetime of trouble free service. The 132kV circuit breakers are another cornerstone of MELCO quality equipment. Together with the MELCO equipment and materials from other suppliers, all managed by the Mitsubishi Electric office based in the UK, the Swansea North substation is truly state of the art and of the best quality world wide.