Uskmouth 275kV Substation

Another illustration of Mitsubishi Electrics capabilities in turnkey projects is the Uskmouth 275kV substation, which is a new GIS substation in South Wales for the connection of Uskmouth power station to the 275kV grid system. This required:

  • New 275kV 10 bay GIS substation
  • Design for the 275kV GIS extension
  • New 132kV Series Reactor and 132kV indoor AIS bay
  • 275kV, 132kV cables and connections

The original Uskmouth 275kV is an outdoor AIS substation and the 132kV substation is an indoor AIS with a double bar arrangement. This scheme was to install 11 bays plus one skeleton bay of 275kV GIS together with its protection and control for four transmission line feeders, one bus coupler, one bus section and three super gird transformers to allow for the connection of the new 800MW CCGT power station. The supergrid transformers will supply the 132kV indoor AIS substation.